The table below gives you an idea of the price before VAT of some of the most popular units. Contact us for an exact cost of the unit you have in mind.
Industrial - Commercial - Domestic
Unit Width Length Lean To Roller Door PA Door Fire Door From Example
Small Storage Unit 8m 12m   3m Yes   8,399.00  
Medium Storage Unit 10m 20m   5m   2 No 16,899.00  
Large Storage Unit 20m 40m   2 x 5m   2 No 49,999.00  
Storage Complex 10m 60m   6 x 3.76m   6 No 54,999.00  
Single Garage 3m 4m   2.3m Yes   2,399.00  
Double Garage 5.5m 5m   2 x 2.3m Yes   3,299.00  
Triple Garage 9m 5m   3 x 2.49m Yes   4,899.00  
Carport Single 3m 5m         899.00  
Carport double 6m 6m         1,399.00  
Multi use port 5m 10m         1,899.00